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Restoration werks

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Stephen Pate seems like a nice enough guy when you first meet him. He comes across as very knowledgeable about motorcycles. He spins yarns about all the people he knows and has done big favors for, how without him they would have been in the dark. In my opinion Stephen uses people as stepping stones to his own end and that is to BS his way to their money. I think it may be the big bucks he is after. What I hear is that Stephan is taking big deposits from those unfortunate enough to have fallen for the BS. Ponsi on a smaller scale than we are used to perhaps but ponsi just the same.

I met Stephan Pate of Restoration Werks in Minnesota where I was having him work on a old 1000 Kawasaki. He found a Harris rolling chassis on Ebay and on his recommendation I purchased it. He did around $2500. of work over a two year period on it, while I had another party do the engine build.

The motor work took a lot longer than we had anticipated and Stephan moved his shop to Louisville. We agreed for him to bring the frame with him and we would sell it from there or I would pic it up. We agreed to try to find a buyer for it if we could by word of mouth or internet. I was looking to get around $6000. We had an on going conversation on face-book and talked on the phone when Stephan wasn't to busy.I got this message in Dec. Hey man. I have a guy here today that I know that is interested seriously in your Harris. He's a cash buyer and ready to go. He's offered $4k for the chassis setup and exhaust that is here. given the market on this stuff *now*, as opposed to when you bought, I think this is a very fair offer... and it's real. I could have the cash or check or whatever, today. Whattya want to do? My recommendation, in case you are interested, is to take it.

My response was to call but only could leave ok let's sell and hey what's going on voice messages.Me:6th Dec face-bookSent you a message a while back saying ok lets sell, did you get it. Is there still interest. It apparently it gets sold and I leave regular phone and face book messages, in Feb, Mar, Apr.I hear nothing from him for five months.I find a buyer for the bike and call him april 30th to let him know and to make arrangements for pic up. Stephan calls me and tells me he sold it in Nov 2011 for $4800. and would call me back to make arrangements to pay me. He has not yet done thatThis a rare British racing sport bike and matched with my engine it could bring $12,000 to $15,000 to a collector.

Monetary Loss: $5000.


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You posted this same story on at least 3 different websites.

Perhaps your story is 100% accurate and Stephen is completely crooked, but you come across as the typical "angry guy" trying to cry to anyone who will listen.

I know him, and dont think it happened as you state it.

to pc Buffalo, New York, United States #972871

Is there an actionable warrant on Mr. Pate? I think there are enough victims in enough states to have one issued.

Restoration Works - Bad paint, shady workmanship.

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Marty of Restoration Works, Located in Burtonsville, MD.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and give small business a chance. So I had been looking to get my car painted and found a restoration place on craigslist.

He advertised his complete restoration service, even showing pictures of his work. Arrived at the shop checked some stuff out and I was satisfied with the quality so I gave him the car to paint for me. Color came out not matching, and even did some damage to one of the side skirts on my car. He did offer to respray for huge discount, but he tried to cover up the damage part with the color he had sprayed.

Found out when I got the car back and took it home to wash it that the panel had come of and been scratched. Called him immediately and asked what had happened.

He offered no apology for the damage and had no response when I asked why wasn't I told about it. Just wanted to let people know to beware of this person.

Review about: Auto Paint Work.

Monetary Loss: $1000.



The only good stories about Stephen Pate come from himself...Stephen Pate is absolutely incapable of telling the truth..He is guilty of theft, fraud and deception..stay away from him at all costs!

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